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Vistage speakers must be able to engage, interact, inform and challenge thinking and assumptions. Where you see the Accredited Vistage Speaker logo on a speakers’ profile, they have successfully presented to a minimum of five Vistage groups to our high standard and our benchmark of 85% or above for content and delivery.

Our members are commanding business leaders who demand excellence, so this feedback offers a unique reassurance of quality.
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Quality Assured Speakers

Accreditation is awarded only to speakers who consistently receive 85% and above.

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As a Vistage member, you’ll gain access to engaging, high-calibre speakers who have real-world expertise on the most essential topics for business leaders today. They’ll spark innovative approaches to optimising your business and activate new ideas for personal development.


We conduct over 30 keynote conferences and 900 workshop events each year, showcasing our speakers to over 9,000 business leaders.

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